Six months in the life of a FutureChef winner!

March 14th 2022

Phoebe represented the North of Scotland in the FutureChef National Final 2022 and won!

“This win means a lot to me. It’s been months of hard work and it’s amazing that it has all paid off. My mentors have been so helpful and supportive throughout this experience, and it is the perfect way to say thank you to them. It has also meant a lot of opportunities have come my way, opening new and exciting career pathways.”

March 29th 2022

Phoebe was asked to attend the Master Chefs of Great Britain Lunch at Prestonfield Hotel in Edinburgh, where she was presented with an award for winning FutureChef, showing recognition of the hard work she put in to win the competition.

Phoebe is photographed on stage with broadcaster Arlene Stuart after receiving her award, and she was also featured in Master Chef magazine!

March 31st 2022

Phoebe was invited to return to Elgin College where she won the FutureChef Regional Final. The college was holding a week-long food festival. Phoebe was invited to do the pre-dessert for the celebration dinner with 3 other chefs, 2 of whom judged Phoebe at the North Scotland Regional Final! Phoebe chose to reimagine her winning dessert from the National Final.

April 3rd 2022

Phoebe was featured on BBC Scotland and BBC News after they visited at her school, Mackie Academy in Stonehaven. BBC Scotland interviewed Phoebe about her success in winning FutureChef and the opportunities it’s opened for her!

June 3rd 2022

Phoebe was asked by the Stonehaven Lions to open the summer fair, known locally as the Feein Market, in recognition of her FutureChef win. Phoebe has been such an inspiration to the young people in her community, demonstrating that hard work can bring you amazing opportunities! Phoebe also got to pick the best stall at the market to win a prize!

July 15th 2022

Phoebe was invited to a tour of Eton College as part of her FutureChef prize! After a tour of the student buildings and the main restaurant, Phoebe had the chance to chat with the chefs, and she was surprised with a trip on the lake, and afternoon tea at a beautiful look-out spot!

July 16th 2022

Another exciting part of Phoebe’s FutureChef prize was to work alongside industry professionals Sodexo at Royal Ascot! Phoebe’s long day started at 8am and she recalls being surprised at just how big the event is. Phoebe was introduced to the Sodexo team and shown the menu and had dishes she’d be preparing explained to her. Phoebe worked on the gazpacho, and the tuna tartare. After service had finished, Phoebe was able to taste all the dishes, and her favourite dish was the octopus!

Phoebe added a huge thank you to Sodexo, and chef Nieve who supported her throughout the event – what an amazing experience!

July 17th 2022

Phoebe was invited to cook at the Stonehaven Highland Games by her mentor Chris MacLeod and Graham Singer from Compass Group ESS.

July 2022

Phoebe was invited to the 150th St Andrews Open where she was given another opportunity to work with Sodexo! Phoebe worked alongside chefs she had cooked with at the Royal Ascot and had another amazing day.

July 2022

Phoebe was given an award by her school for taking part in and winning FutureChef, and for supporting her community through publishing recipes which could be made using herbs which had been planted around the town.

August 2022

The judges for the Beautiful Scotland competition visited Stonehaven and were assessing the town as part of the Coastal Town of the Year entry for 2022!

Phoebe had played a role in this by distributing recipes around the town which could be made using the herbs from the Horizon Edible Planters.

Roux at Skindles

Phoebe was treated to a beautiful meal at Roux at Skindles which is a classic French brasserie. Phoebe enjoyed a beetroot salad, with an apple and celery sorbet, a delicious sirloin steak and finished with a delectable frangipane tart. Phoebe was lucky enough to meet chef Alain Roux. The chefs and waiters also surprised Phoebe with a special celebration chocolate tower!

Martin Wishart Edinburgh

Phoebe was gifted a beautiful meal at Martin Wishart’s Edinburgh restaurant by FutureChef supporter Craig Stevenson of Braehead Foods in Ayrshire. Phoebe met Craig at the Master Chef Lunch in March and he was so impressed he invited her to lunch. Phoebe met chef Martin and his team and was shown around the kitchen. Craig also introduced Phoebe to some other esteemed chefs from the capital.

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Published: 31st August 2022

Last edited: 31st August 2022