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Springboard's FutureChef

Springboard’s FutureChef is the best industry backed resource matched to the food related curriculum.

Aimed at young people aged 11 - 16, it inspires them to cook through:

  • Classroom resources and activities
  • Industry skills demos and Q&As with chefs
  • Online competitions and challenges

FutureChef has many great benefits that help to:

  • Directly support the food curriculum
  • Offer interactive classroom resources
  • Nurture industry links
  • Teach life skills and build confidence
  • Promote healthy eating and nutrition

For more information, and to get involved, please select an option below.


Students & Competitors

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Did you know that you can develop skills and get the opportunity to become an apprentice?

I'm a student



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Springboard’s FutureChef helps teachers by providing inspiring and engaging learning activities

I'm a teacher


Chefs & Professionals

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FutureChef is a great way for you to meet potential employees of the future at a local level

I'm a chef/professional