Mini Springboard FutureChef BakeOff takes place in Edinburgh!

Springboard FutureChef, the UK and Ireland’s culinary competition for school pupils also offers support and guidance to schools!

We support those wishing to hold a similar activity to the Springboard FutureChef competition on a smaller scale, within their own schools. Using our vast resources and programme schedule, we had two schools in Edinburgh compete against each other in a mini ‘Springboard FutureChef BakeOff’.

Kaimes School and Woodlands School in Edinburgh are two secondary schools for young people with additional support needs. Across the two schools, fifteen young people took part in heats, before being whittled down to just four finalists who went head-to-head to bake the best fruit tart.

Practical Cookery student Louis (18) came out on top as the winner, after baking a delicious fruit tart topped with oranges, blueberries and raspberries. Louis loves to follow recipes to the letter, which has paid off in the competition! He is now doing a project about his time taking part in the mini Springboard FutureChef BakeOff Competition as part of his social course at college.

Funded primarily by the teachers, the prizes included aprons, Easter eggs, stationary, as well as a £15 voucher for the winner.

Teacher, Natalie Milne at Kaimes School, is excited to run the competition again next year, including more schools in the local area.

We are so happy to see our resources being used to their potential and delighted that our exciting Springboard FutureChef programme has proved to be accessible to students of varying ages and abilities.

If your school provides learning opportunities for students with additional support needs, please get in touch with Caitlin ( to find out more about how you can implement the Springboard FutureChef Competition in your educational setting in different ways to suit your school’s needs.

Published: 13th May 2022

Last edited: 13th May 2022