Meet our Lifetime Ambassador, Brian Turner

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“FutureChef isn’t just about cooking; it’s about nurturing skills for life. From teaching basic culinary fundamentals to inspiring young chefs to enter the industry, it’s a platform that evolves with the times. Over the past two decades, we’ve witnessed its transformation into a professional arena, embracing sophistication and innovation. Every competition is a highlight, showcasing exceptional talent and flavours. My advice to aspiring chefs? Start early, seek experience, and learn from the best. And to our finalists, simplicity is key – stick to your plan and prioritise taste. As for the future, we must adapt to industry challenges, nurture talent, and ensure FutureChef remains a beacon for the next generation of culinary artists.” – Brian Turner, acclaimed British chef and Lifetime Ambassador of FutureChef, reflects on the competition’s evolution and the essential advice he offers to aspiring chefs. Brian Turner, acclaimed British chef, honed his craft under the tutelage of renowned figures like Michael Smith. With a career spanning prestigious European establishments such as Simpson’s-in-the-Strand and The Savoy Grill, Turner earned accolades, including a prized Michelin star alongside Richard Shepherd at the Capital Hotel. For 25 years, he served as the Chairman of the Springboard FutureChef Competition, shaping its direction and impact.

As well as holding the position of President of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts since 2004, Brian is committed to training the next generation of chefs. His influence extended to television, where he became a household name as the resident chef on Granada Television’s This Morning and a regular guest cook on BBC2’s Ready Steady Cook. He presented various cookery programs, including his own BBC series “Anything You Can Cook”. His recent appearances include UKTV’s Perfect, BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen, A Taste of Britain with Janet Street-Porter, Life On A Plate, and ITV’s James Martin’s Saturday Morning. Brian’s contributions to the culinary world have been recognised with numerous awards and honours, including a CBE and Honorary Doctorates from Leeds Metropolitan University and Sheffield Hallam University, reflecting his dedication to culinary education and apprenticeship development. His commitment to apprenticeship development shines through his work with initiatives like the Adopt a School scheme and the FutureChef programme, encouraging the next generation of chefs. As Vice Chairman of the Roux Scholarship since 2010 and President of the UK’s Bocuse d’Or team for 29 years, Brian’s seasoned expertise enriches all that he does, ensuring culinary excellence endures.

Since its inception in 1999, FutureChef has been a beacon of inspiration for young aspiring chefs across the UK. Brian Turner’s dedication and commitment have helped the competition evolve into one of the country’s most prestigious culinary events and largest UK based Schools Culinary competitions, inspiring thousands to pursue careers in the hospitality industry. As the competition celebrates its 25th anniversary, Brian’s contribution is being recognised with the establishment of the Brian Turner Best Taste Prize, sponsored by Wellocks, which will be awarded annually. This award serves as a testament to Turner’s 25 years of unwavering support for the competition and acknowledges his invaluable role in nurturing culinary talent.

“Every competition is a highlight, showcasing exceptional talent and flavours,” His passion for culinary excellence and commitment to mentoring the next generation of chefs have left an indelible mark on FutureChef, cementing his place as a driving force behind its continued growth and impact.

As he assumes the esteemed title of FutureChef Lifetime Ambassador, Brian’s guidance and mentorship will continue to shape the competition’s trajectory, while David Mulcahy’s appointment as Chairman heralds a new chapter in FutureChef’s journey. With Brian’s invaluable legacy as a guiding light, David Mulcahy steps into his new role poised to uphold the competition’s standards of excellence and to steer it towards continued innovation and impact in the years to come.

“As for the future, we must adapt to industry challenges, nurture talent, and ensure FutureChef remains a beacon for the next generation of chefs,” Brian advises aspiring chefs. His words encapsulate the essence of Springboard FutureChef – a competition that evolves with the times, fostering innovation, and preparing young chefs for the dynamic world of gastronomy. It’s not just about cooking; it’s about equipping them with life skills and a mindset for success in the ever-evolving culinary landscape.

Published: 30th April 2024

Last edited: 30th April 2024