FutureChef Alumni showcase culinary skills at Love Your Food Show

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The Love Your Food Show, held at the Belfast Titanic Exhibition Centre, recently captivated the taste buds and culinary aspirations of 24,000 attendees. What made this event truly exceptional was the presence of not one, but three our talented alumni. Kristen Nugent (2023 Winner), Michael Thompson (2022 Northern Ireland Winner), and Mollie Sloan (2023 Northern Ireland Finalist) graced the stage alongside renowned Chef Jack O’Keeffe. This event was a remarkable opportunity for these rising stars to showcase their skills and solidify their place in the culinary world.

It was an unforgettable experience for both the attendees and the FutureChef alumni. With a vibrant atmosphere, the event celebrated local suppliers and the essence of local provenance, emphasizing the importance of sustainable and high-quality ingredients in creating exceptional culinary delights. The attendees had the opportunity to explore various food stalls, interact with local producers, and indulge in delectable treats.

Here’s what 2023 Winner, Kristen had to say “As the 2023 UK National FutureChef winner I was asked to attend the Love Your Food Exhibition and showcase all that is great about local Northern Ireland provenance and demonstrate the skills which the Springboard Future Chef programme has allowed me to develop. I was delighted to be asked to do a demonstration with Chef Jack O’Keeffe. Not only was it great to meet him but we had great fun ‘on the stage’ which attracted 100’s of onlookers. It was an amazing experience where I made Chocolate Cake, Caramelised Banana, Vanilla Cream and Salted Toffee sauce for the audience to sample afterwards”

With the honour of being invited back for future editions of the show, Kristen, Michael, and Mollie’s journey as accomplished chefs is set to continue, inspiring young culinary enthusiasts and reminding us of the incredible potential nurtured by programmes like Springboard FutureChef.

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Published: 7th July 2023

Last edited: 7th July 2023