Edinburgh school host mini-FutureChef competition!

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Last year we shared the story of Kaimes School, a school in Edinburgh who exclusively support students with additional support needs. They wanted to get involved in the Springboard FutureChef programme, and so, we worked together to build an accessible model that would allow their students to take part from the comfort of their own school. This was a great success for all involved and it inspired us to develop our brand-new ASN Resources!

Following on from last year’s success, Kaimes School decided to host their mini-FutureChef Competition again, this time, collaborating with DYW Edinburgh and even more ASN/SEN schools in their local area. Using our BakeOff model and our brand-new ASN resources, the students competed through a series of heats to find the overall winner!

The winner of the mini-FutureChef is a Woodlands High School student who baked a delicious ‘Chicken, Chorizo, Leek and Chilli tart’!

Kaimes School teacher Natalie Milne is also hosting a similar competition for the younger cohort in their school, students aged 11-15, with the final taking place in May. We can’t wait to see who the judges choose as their winner!

We are so happy to see our resources being used to their potential and delighted that our exciting Springboard FutureChef programme has proved to be accessible to students of varying ages and abilities.

If your school provides learning opportunities for students with additional support needs, please get in touch with Caitlin (caitlinc@springboarduk.org.uk) to find out more about how you can implement the Springboard FutureChef Competition in your educational setting in different ways to suit your school’s needs.

Published: 25th April 2023

Last edited: 25th April 2023