Learning Bites

learningbites logoLearning Bites are designed to be quick and easy to use in the classroom. They engage students with industry insights and help them get to grips with the current topics featured in the Food and Nutrition GCSE and the Cooking and Nutrition Curriculum at Key Stage 3.

*In Scotland these Learning Bites will help support the S3 - S4 curriculum in Food Technology within the Curriculum for Excellence.

Notes on use

To make the most of each Learning Bite be sure to download any associated resources. The resources will be either a single download, a collection of resources contained in a zip file, or held in a Google Drive.

Portion and Fillet a Chicken

portion a chicken

Learn how to portion and fillet a chicken through a video demonstration from Brian Turner with the accompanying skill sheets.

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Food Provenance

Thumbnail Food Provenance

Learn about food provenance and sustainable fishing with this two-lesson resource, which includes both theoretical and cook-along lessons. 

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