Calling all chefs & industry professionals!

chefWorking with chefs and industry-professionals for FutureChef is one of the key tools required to inspire and encourage students to get involved and start cooking, ultimately promoting careers in hospitality at a local level.

For the programme to be successful, it's crucial that we engage new chefs and professionals every year to support our mission to prepare the next generation of chefs for meaningful & rewarding careers in the industry. 

You can offer support to FutureChef in several different ways. If you're interested in taking on any of the following roles, please complete the form further down:

  • FutureChef Champions - High-profile chefs in the public eye who can use their platform to inspire young people as well as teachers, parents and other chefs to get involved with the programme through social media
  • Competition mentors - Chefs who will mentor students through the competition stages of the programme. Each mentor will judge a local final and mentor the winner through the next stages of the competition
  • Competition judges - Experienced chefs who can judge competitions at the local, regional and final stages
  • Demo chefs - To deliver interactive demos & learning sessions in schools, demonstrating technical skills and providing careers advice & information
  • Resources chefs - Chefs who will record short clips demonstrating technical cooking skills and sharing their career backgrounds for schools to use

By providing your support to the FutureChef programme, you'll be helping to alleviate the skills shortage within the industry and promoting it as a successful career. Additionally, your involvement will allow more young people to engage with your business and give you access to an enthusiastic talent pipeline!

Register with us now to inspire the future chefs of your business!

Professional Chef Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are not just available for school or college leavers, but to any chefs already working in the industry who wish to improve their skills, undertake more responsibilities or gain promotion. Chefs at all levels and ages can gain new skills with the apprenticeships involving on-site learning and assessment, e-learning and assignments, with frequent on-site visits by our industry experienced chef trainers.

The intermediate apprenticeship at level 2 is for Commis Chefs, the advanced apprenticeship at level 3 is for Chefs de Partie and the Senior Chef Culinary Arts higher apprenticeship at level 4 is for Sous Chefs, future Head Chefs, Executive Chefs and Kitchen Managers.

HIT Training
HIT Training is the leading national specialist training and apprenticeship provider for the Hospitality and Catering sector. They offer a huge range of apprenticeships and development schemes for people at all levels, from school-leavers to senior management.

HIT Chef Academy
The HIT Chef Academy is an innovative training model for the culinary stars of the future. It aims to meet the rising demand for highly skilled chefs resulting from the growth in fine dining in the UK over the last two decades.

The academy supplements HIT Training’s professional chef apprenticeship programme for any apprentices working in a ‘fine dining’ kitchen and nominated by their Head Chef to participate in the academy’s enhancement activities. Headed by Paul Mannering, Academy Principal, and run by expert chef trainers at locations across the country, the training programme brings together the very best in culinary excellence to provide apprentices with the highest quality training, development and learning in the industry.

Apprentice chefs who are enrolled onto our Chef Academy, in addition to their normal apprenticeship schedule, will be invited to attend additional programmes, roughly every six to eight weeks.

These will include:
Workshop 1 - Vegetable Protein and Vegetables
Workshop 2 - Game
Workshop 3 - Offal
Workshop 4 - Shellfish and Fish
Workshop 5 - Bread and Dough
Workshop 6 - Cakes, Biscuits, Pastry and Desserts

To find out more about the HIT Chef Academy and Professional Chef Apprenticeships please visit: 

Young Chef Young Waiter Competition

FutureChef proudly supports the Young Chef Young Waiter competition. If you’re currently employed in the role of Chef or Waiter, are under 26 years old on 19th October 2019, and have been employed for 3 years or more in the hospitality profession then you can enter.

To register and find out more please visit:

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